Copper & Copper Alloy, Lead Based Alloy

Copper and Copper Alloy,Lead Based Alloy Bronze, Gun metal, Brass, Nickel Bronze, Nickel Silver, Monel Metal and cupro Nickel

Alloy To be Treated Cover Flux Deoxidising Tube Degassing Cake Alremover
Al, SI, Bronze Sarubral 2/3 E1/E3 Gasex-1/2
Gun Metal Copper -1 Block / Copperex STD Powder BO (I) or Deoxidiser Gasex-1/2
Lead Bronze Leadal BO (1) Gasex-1/2
Nickel Silver Phosphor-Bronze Copprex-18 Block/Copprex-14 Powder BO (1) Gasex-1/2 Alremover
Brass Copprit-98 Powder/Copprit-1 Block BO (I) or Deoxidiser Gasex-1/2
High Conductivity Copper Copprit Powder BO (I) or Deoxidiser Gasex-1/2 Alremover
Nickel Bronze Monel Metal Copprex-1 Block/Copper STD Powder BO (I) or Deoxidiser Gasex-1/2
Chromium Bronze Chrombral BO (I) Gasex-1/2

Aggrex-AC-2 : Slag Coagulator

Rate of Addition
BO (I) or Deoxidiser 100 gm per 100 kg. melt
E-1 Each for 25 kg. melt
E-3 Each for 25 kg. melt
Copper-1 Block 1 kg. per 100 kg. melt
Copper-STD Powder
Copprit-1 Block
Copprit Powder
Gasex-1 Each for 100 kg. melt
Gasex-2 Each for 250 kg. melt

Lead & Lead based alloy Having tin upto 10% : Leadex-2 A powder product for covering & cleaning of lead based alloy

Rate of Addition
Leadex-2 0.1 to 0.2% & for Dirty Scrap 0.5 %

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