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Plastic is a valuable material that has a vital place in the economy and in every business. Plastic has become a very crucial material for packaging as it is cheap, safe, light weight and efficient distribution of products but it has to be disposed of in an environment friendly way otherwise it will contaminate our environment.

People have tendency to throw the plastic waste usually after one time using the plastic.  As a recycler, we understand the nuances of plastic waste including blocking of drainage system, reaching to oceans/rivers which is a danger to sea animals, contaminating the soil etc.

Daija believes in circular economy and plastic recycling should be treated like newspaper industry.  Old newspapers are collected, recycled and made into new paper, the same should apply to plastics where all the plastic scrap should be collected, recycled and new plastic be made from old plastic.

The circular economy status can be achieved only with efforts from all stakeholders, be its manufacturer, brand companies, retailer, consumer, recyclers etc.  Let’s aim for a Zero Plastic Waste Country.


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