Cover Fluxes


These fluxes are formulated for preventing the formation & removal of oxides and other inclusion. It also prevents molten Aluminium from turning into dross.


A-IF Covering and drossing flux for Aluminium Alloy for melting in Crucible/Electric Furnace. 0.5 -1.0%
A-1 Less exothermic than A-1F for reverberatory furnace 0.5 -1.0%
A-4 For melting of turning and borings. It prevents oxidation and gas absorption during melting. 5 – 10% or as per practice
A-5 For covering specially for reverberatory furnace. 05. – 1.0%
A-6 Covering flux for Al.Mg, Alloy for reverberatory furnace. 2 – 3%
A-8 Furnace cleaning flux, removes oxide build up from furnace wall used once per week, sprayed on the dross depending upon oxide build up
A-224(50) Drossing flux for A1-Mg Alloy 0.25%
A-56 Exothermic Cover Flux For Bogie treatment for general melting for higher recovery of A1-metal from dross. 5 – 10%
A-224(1) Injection flux to be used by FLUX FEEDER MACHINE for better drossing and removal of oxides & other inclusions right from bottom of the furnace.

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