Diecoat 9000 (Series) Synthetic polymer, die release for pressure die-casting and squeeze-casting. Depending upon concentration and application suitable for all Alloy of Aluminum, Magnesium & Zinc
Diecoat -535 For pressure die casting of thin section Aluminium Alloy
Diecoat -40 Plunger lubricant for pressure die casting of Aluminium
Diecoat -536 For pressure die casting of thick section Aluminium Alloy
Diecoat -8460 Graphite free plunger lube ready to use for pressure die casting.
Diecoat -7 Oil based lubricant for die face.
Diecoat -66 For swabbing on die face for Aluminium casting with superior shining finish.
Diecoat -34 Insulating diecoats for Aluminium gravity die casting for die face and feeders
Diecoat -14
Diecoat -50
Diecoat -60
Diecoat -1M Lubricating dressing for easy stripping and top coat application.
Diecoat -93 For very fine finish.
A.D. Coat-5 Coating for Iron & Steel Tools for preventing further Iron pick-up from tools during melting.

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